Sunday 13 February 2011

Dr Sketchy Nottingham!

Ah man! What a brilliant day out in Nottingham I had yesterday! Up early for a visit to my local art shop to pick up some new watercolours and a nice fat mop brush ready for a day of drawing and titty tasseling at Dr Sketchy's Alternative Art School!

Hosted by the delectable Scarlet Daggers (Robin Hood) and the dastardly Charlotte Thompson-Morley (The Sheriff of Nottingham). The new venue of Nottingham's Glee club was brilliant, with really friendly and welcoming staff and little tables for everyone to draw on.

The performers, Parma Violet, Ditzy Diamond and ***Kareena***  were so good and made for a proper fun afternoon - and it was packed out!

Here are a few pics I did - I even won a prize too! ha ha!

You wanna find a Dr Sketchy's near you 'cause it's the best Saturday afternoon I've had for ages!!!!