Sunday 5 September 2010

Dixon Markette Pens

Wow! I was so excited about getting my order of Dixon Markette pens! I have been searching the internet for ages to find a supplier!

They came last week and I had the pleasure of trying them out last night at a wedding booking.

I am really pleased with them- they feel much more intuitive and I really played with the pressure I was putting them under.

I also drew on gloss coated paper for the 1st time. It was strange to change from cartridge but after the first couple (which i seemed to draw a bit too big), I got right in to it.

I will post some photos from the night, as soon as I find where I put my camera's USB cable (why do I do this to myself!?)

I am also planning on posting a video demo of using the Dixon Markette soon too, but for now, here's an iphoto!


  1. hi!!
    can you plz tell from where did you ordered them ? thanks

  2. Unfortunately Dixon has changed the nibs on Dixon Markettes. They are now bullet shaped. The original Markettes had a conical tip ideal for drawing caricatures. Despite recent phone calls and emails by artist's across the continent, there is no sign they will be going back to the original nib. As they say "if it aint broke, don't fix it."

  3. Actually beyond "the continent" but anyway, here is an alternative I'm using currently:

    "PITT artist pen big brush B" by Faber Castell. A rather solid brush tip, high quality and easy to do very thin lines but not so easy to do really fat lines. Worth a try.