Monday 9 August 2010

Fulfilling childhood dreams or something like it!

Ahhhhh man! I am currently on a 1 week holiday with my wife. We are staying in Derbyshire UK, in the middle of gorgeous countryside, and staying in a static caravan courtesy of Katie's work colleague/friend. The caravan is on a complex with a pool, pub and cafe. Loads of kids about and families with their dogs and bikes, it's ACE!!

It really really really brings back childhood memories when my folks used to take me and my sister to Scarborough on caravan holidays!

I remember drawing like mad on these holidays, and used to love going to the souvenir shop, marveling over the t-shirt design you could get printed. I got my mum and dad to get me an Iron Maiden t-shirt as I loved the design. I think this was how I got in to heavy metal!

Anyway, I have been thinking how I used to lie in bed at night, dreaming of becoming an illustrator and caricaturist!

I had this book when I was a kid, and to my public shame, I had nicked it from my local library. I have looked at this book at least once a year since, and it still inspires me.

It is The Complete Book Of Caricature by Bob Staake. Apologies for the bad quality images, they are taken from my iphone.

I have included some David Levine images and MAD favourite, Sam Viviano. This book is still awesome! I have also included the page on Party Caricature. I remember highlighting the pages when I was about 12 or 13, dreaming of doing this as a job, and now I do!!

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